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Has your whole world and home gone Gray?

Rethink Gray and go Beige

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Has your whole world gone Gray?
There has been a design shift to gray walls and white cabinets….have you followed suit?
It seems like every home I show these days that is remodeled has the same look and same colors…..what about standing out from the crowd?
How about an original design or original look?
What if you don’t care for gray or you would have to repaint your entire home to blend with the gray tones that are so popular.
I personally have always been one to buck the trends, so why not be your own trend setter?
Beige has always been a trend setter and matches more warm colors both modern and traditional…..be a Trend Setter and rethink Beige……..
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  1. Arun says:

    There are so many ways to decorate and it is always about being different

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