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How to make your home and your yard more dog friendly

How to make your home and yard more dog friendly

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Dog friendly Homes and Yards


Dogs are naturally curious creatures and occasionally they get into things they shouldn’t. Here are some ways to make your home and yard safer for your four-legged family member. 

Your first step is to consider your dog’s viewpoint to make it safer for your pooch. Think about what items could draw your dog’s attention and might appear to be fun for chewing or playing. The experts at DogTipper recommend supplying them with interesting toys so they don’t investigate dangerous items.

Inside the home. Many areas in your home could be danger zones for your dog. 

  • Toilets.  Dogs sometimes try to drink from toilets.  They can fall in and drown, or if there is cleanser in the toilet they can be poisoned.  Make sure the toilet lid is closed to prevent tragedy.
  • Sharp tools.  Items like razors, tweezers and eyelash curlers could cut your pet, or worse they could be ingested.  Keep these items safely out of reach.
  • Medications.  Many medications including pills, ointments and fluids, are poisonous to your dog.  Ensure that all medications are kept safely out of your dog’s reach. 
  • Laundry area. Before starting your machine, look inside to make sure your pet hasn’t crept in.  Close the doors when not in use.  Some experts advise checking behind washers and dryers for nooks and small spaces your dog could creep into and blocking them.
  • Chemicals. Items such as cleansers, bleach and detergents can poison your dog.  Keep them safely stored where your dog can’t access them, either on a high shelf or in a closed cabinet.  If your dog can open cabinet doors, use child-proof locks to prevent access. 
  • Cords and wires. Sometimes dogs chew cords and wires and can be electrocuted.  Move them where they cannot be reached by your dog. 
  • Flames.  Never leave candles burning unattended, and put a screen over your fireplace when in use. 
  • Batteries.  Items that contain batteries, such as remote controls, should be kept out of reach of your dog.  The batteries can poison or chemically burn your dog if chewed.
  • Plants. If you have houseplants, make sure they are not toxic to your dog.  Give toxic plants to a friend or put them in a room your dog never accesses.
  • Toys. Keep a chest for your children’s toys and make sure they are put away when not in use. 

Your yard. Unless you walk your dog on a leash, your yard needs to be safe for your dog to run and play.  Here are some great tips from the experts at Purina.

  • Fence. Ensure your fence is tall enough for your dog.  Medium-sized dogs generally require a six-foot fence.  Some dogs dig under fencing, so inspect the ground around your fence routinely for holes.
  • Lawn maintenance.  Keep your grass trimmed to prevent fleas and ticks from inhabiting your yard. 
  • Mulch. Be sure to use a dog-safe mulch.  According to some experts you should use gravel, a hardwood mulch or woodchips instead of cocoa chips.  Cocoa chips can be poisonous to your dog.
  • Pest control. Don’t use poisons for rodents or other pests, as they are usually poisonous to your dog as well. 
  • Water hazards.  Fence off or cover swimming pools, ponds and hot tubs so your dog can’t accidentally drown.

Shade. Your dog needs to be able to get out of the sun to prevent overheating.  A dog house or similar shelter provides relief from the elements.  Also be sure to provide clean water at all times. 

For an even more dog-friendly home, inspect your home and yard regularly. Using the tips outlined here will ensure the safety and well-being of your favorite four-legged family member.

Thanks to Medina at DogEtiquette.info for this article.

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    Great article, I am always looking for tips about dog as I have so many!

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