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Tucson Arizona


Tucson Arizona

A Guide to Tucson and the Southern Arizona area

The Spanish name of the city, Tucsón(Tukson), is derived from the Native American ‘ Odham Cuk Ṣon (Tukson), meaning “at the base of the black hill “. This is a reference to a basalt-covered hill on the west side of town that was called Sentinel Peak which is now known as “A” Mountain. The A represents the University of Arizona. Tucson is sometimes referred to as “The Old Pueblo”, and if you are downtown you can see remnants of the Old  Presidio and also the Various Barrios that eclectically intertwine with the modern cutting edge of the city itself.  The Tucson has been continuously inhabited for thousands of years, first by Native Americans, and then by the Spanish.

Tucson is a city, and also the County Seat of Ima County in the  United States.  It is the  home of the University of Arizona, which ranked highly both in the US and internationally.  In 2010 the census put the population at 520,116 but the whole of whole metropolitan area is closer to  9801,000. Tucson is also the second-largest populated city in Arizona behind Phoenix, which  anchor the Arizona Corridor . The city is south of Phoenix and around 60 miles from the Us-Mexico border which gives the city a vibrant eclectic multicultural feel . Tucson is the 33rd largest city and the 59 th metropolitan area in the United States.

Tucson has also major incorporated suburbs of Tucson which include the communities of Marana, Oro Valley, South Tucson, and also Sahuarita. There are also communities that adjoin Tucson that include Casa Adobes, Catalina Foothills, Tanque Verde, Tortolita, Midvale, and Vail Arizona. There are also towns outside the Tucson metro area that are also close by including Benson, Catalina, Oracle and Green Valley to the south.

Tucson homes and properties come in lots of different ages and building materials dating back as far as a few hundred years.  The city is also known for its newer solar and green building techniques. Homes come in lots of different types, and many are built to energy efficiency standards including adobe, adobe brick, block, frame stucco and rammed earth.



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